Construction and Maintenance Sector (ICI)

  Intake for 2017  


The application process  has concluded for this year. Please continue to review the website for future  intakes.

Application Requirements Education:

You MUST provide an Official High School Transcript (original or certified true copy) indicating successful completion of High School. If you were educated outside of the Province of Ontario then you will need to get your documents assessed by I.C.A.S. (additional information is contained on the website). If you do not already possess a Comprehensive Report from I.C.A.S. then you are not eligible to apply for this Intake.

The JAC recommends that you acquire the Report so you will be ready for the next Intake.

Minimum requirements are that all applicants MUST have ONE credit from each of the high school subjects listed below;

English               ENG4C, ENG4U, ENG4G, ENG4A

Physics               SPH3U, SPH4C, SPH4U, SPH4G, SPH4A

Math                    MCT4C, MGA4U, MDM4U, MCV4U, MHF4U, MCB4U, MTT4G, MAT4A, MCR3U,

MAP4C (with minimum 70%), MCF3M (with minimum 65%) 

If you are currently enrolled in High School, your guidance office can provide you with a Credit Counselling Summary Report. If you have a G.E.D., please contact the JAC offices for further application instructions.

At this point in time you may apply if you only have two (2) of the three (3) required courses. But it is highly recommended that you acquire all three (3) required courses BEFORE applying.


Documents to be brought with you to the Intake:

         Original or Certified True copy of your Transcript (as outlined above)

         Typed resume with an objective to apply for a position in the electrical apprenticeship program. You MUST include 3 references which are NOT a personal friend or related to you by blood or marriage.

         Verification of any additional education earned that is included in your resume.

         Verification of any additional achievements you have included in your resume.

         Government photo identification i.e. passport, driver's license, etc. (to avoid duplication of application).

         The JAC will make copies of any documents at the time of application so you can take the originals home with you.


Job Awareness Activity

Once the application has been submitted you will take part in, and experience, some aspects of the daily routines of a Construction and Maintenance Electrician. Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear should be worn.

Step 2: Those applicants meeting the initial requirements will be required to undergo a mechanical aptitude test ($40.00 fee). A test date will be emailed to applicantes after the application and Job Awareness Activity is completed.

Step 3: The top applicants will be notified by phone/mail for an interview.
All candidates for the apprenticeship program must have all the required qualifications and pass the probationary period before they will be granted a 1st term indentured apprenticeship contract.

Note: it must be clearly understood that only applicants meeting the above requirements will be considered by the Joint Apprenticeship Council. Those who have previously applied must re-apply, as all previous applications are null and void.

You cannot start work before being selected and processed by the JAC staff. Part of the process includes a mandatory two week Safety and Orientation and Material and Tool Identification course.

Frequently Asked Questions

My high school education was completed in another province or country.
High school documents that are from another province or country must be assessed to prove you have the equivalency of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma and passing grades for our requirements. College/University may be recognized at a later date, but is not a substitute for the required high school credits and credentials. Assessments must be completed prior to applying to the JAC to avoid delays in the application process.

Where can I have my documents assessed?
Please contact International Credential Assessment Service of Canada: - please request a "Comprehensive Report". This process could take up to 20 weeks.

Will you accept a G.E.D.?
Yes, however the G.E.D. is only an equivalency document for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Applicants must have proof of successful completion of the required English, Math, and Physics credits before applying to the JAC. Please see accepted courses above.

When can I apply to be an apprentice with the J.A.C.?
The J.A.C. takes applications usually once a year based on labour demand. The dates will be posted under “How to apply” on the website. In the meantime, please make sure that you are aware of, and working towards all of the requirements listed.

I came to apply but forgot my resume, can I apply?
You will be allowed to complete the application but your package will be held, and not assessed until all requied documents are received in person by 3:00 pm on the last day of applications.  

I have a University Degree, will that move me to front of the line?
No. All applicants, regardless of additional education must still provide proof  of the high school courses we require. We need a base line to measure all applicants against which is the Ontario Curriculum.  

Are you the Union?
No. We work with the IBEW Local Union 353 and are sponsored by the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association.

I went to High School in a different country, can I still apply?
Yes. However, you will need to have your High School transcript assessed by the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada. You can visit for more information. Please be aware that there is a fee for their services and that their process takes a minimum of two (25) weeks.

Why is it mandatory to have Math, English and Physics for your program?
It has been our policy from the beginning that all applicants have the required education. We have also verified over the past 40 years that applicants who do not have the necessary educational background will not be successful and find it very difficult in Trade School.

Can I still apply to the J.A.C with just two out of the three mandatory courses?
Yes. However, due to the competitive nature of the application process, it is in your best interest to already have successfully completed all three of the required High School courses. If you were to be accepted with only two of the mandatory courses, you will need to show proof of registration and completion of the first module in the missing credit course before being selected to attend the Safety and Orientation Program. You would also need to successfully complete the missing credit during the 1,800 Pre-Apprenticeship.

I applied last year to the J.A.C and was not accepted, is my file still on record for the next intake?
No. If you applied in a previous year and were not accepted, you will have to re-apply with all the necessary documentation.

Do I need a police check to apply?
No, but some contractors are requied to have employees that are bonded.

What does “learn while you earn” mean?
Learn while you earn means that 80% of your learning is on the job while under the supervision of a licensed journeyperson.

Can I be an apprentice part time?
No. Being an apprentice is a full time career.

How many applicants do you accept each year?
The actual number of Pre-Apprentices taken into the system each year varies. The number is determined by the GTECA and the IBEW 353 and is based on current labour demand.

I am currently in my last year of High School, I have not graduated yet. Would I still be eligible to apply?
Yes. When the Intake process begins apply as described on the website with required documentation, and bring in your current High School transcript, latest Interim Reports and show us that you will be graduating this year. The Guidance deprtment should be able to provide you with a Credit Counselling Summary .

I am in another Red Seal Trade; can I have credit hours transferred over?
No. Your credit hours are not transferable.

What is 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% or 80% of a journeyman’s wages?
Please call the IBEW Local Union 353 for more information. Their number is 416-510-3530.

Can I walk in to submit an application today?
No. Applications are only accepted during the Intake process.

Is there a waiting list that I can put my name on so that the J.A.C can call me when accepting applications?
No. You will have to keep monitoring the J.A.C website for notification of the Intake process dates, times and location.

How long does the program take?
All J.A.C. apprentices complete a 1,800 hour Pre-Apprenticeship program followed by a 9,000 hour Registered Apprenticeship.

My father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, uncle or best friend is an apprentice with J.A.C., would they be able to refer me in?
No. We do not accept referrals. Everyone applies during the Intake process.

I finished one/two years of Trade School as an Electrician, does that put me at the front of the line for J.A.C applications?
No. The J.A.C does not require experience when individuals are applying.

Where can I obtain missing credits?
Please contact your local school board or Adult Education Centre.

Toronto District School Board: (416) 397-3000
Continuing Education: (416) 338-4000

York Region District School Board: (905) 727-3141
Continuing Education: 1-877-280-8180

Peel District School Board: (905) 890-1099
Continuing Education: 1-866-275-1536 ext. 410

Durham District School Board: (905) 666-5500
Continuing Education: (905) 436-3211

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