Pre-apprenticeship program

Construction & Maintenance (ICI) - Pre-apprentice term of 1800 hours at 35% of journeyman's wages. Upon successful completion of probation period and evaluation, a contract of apprenticeship will be granted. The contract will start as indicated below, 1st term 0-1650 hours.

Timeline of hours needed for each term:

Construction Maintenance
Write Aptitude Test
Selection Interview
Attend four pre-apprenticeship safety courses (Must complete successfully)
Sent out to work from IBEW 353, Hiring Hall

Hours: 0-1800 Work as Pre-apprentice

at 35% of journeyman's wages (ICI only)

Hours: 0-1650
Work as 1st term apprentice
at 40% of journeyman's wages
Hours: 1651-3300
Work as 2nd term apprentice
at 50% of journeyman's wages
At approx. 2000 hours:
Basic Trade School
8 weeks
Hours: 3301-4950
Work as 3rd term apprentice
at 60% of journeyman's wages
At approx. 4000 hours:
Intermediate Trade School
10 weeks
Hours: 4951-6600
Work as 4th term apprentice
at 70% of journeyman's wages
At approx. 6000 hours:
Advanced Trade School
10 weeks
Hours: 6601-8250
Work as 5th term apprentice
at 80% of journeyman's wages
At 8250 hours write
Certification of Qualifications Exam
(70% passing grade)

There are seven compulsory safety courses that must be completed before apprentice is permitted to write Certification of Qualifications Exam. These courses are offered at various times throughout the year.