How to Apply

Prior to applying to the program, it is crucial that you read ALL of the content on this website before contacting the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance (The Alliance). 


Starting this year, the Alliance has moved forward with an open Intake process. This means that you will be able to apply for the program at any time. As mentioned, the Intake process is based on labour demand, therefore successful applicants will be placed into a pool and contacted based on industry needs for new workers.

Before you continue, please ensure you have copies of the following documents in PDF format to upload and have taken the time to review our website regarding requirements, process, and the intake process. If you do not have these readily available, we ask that you please wait to apply until you do.

I am a Canadian Citizen OR Permanent Residence (eligible to work in Canada)


I have a typed resume ready to upload

I have a copy of my Ontario Secondary School transcript or a Comprehensive ICAS report ready to upload (we do not accept post-secondary school transcripts).

Before you apply, you first need to determine if this is the career for you. Please make sure to do your research. When applying you will need an official Ontario Secondary School transcript (or Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report from I.C.A.S.) to show successful completion of ONE (1) course from each of the following subject areas:


A career as a 309A Construction & Maintenance Electrician, Low-Rise Residential Electrician and Network Cabling Specialists are extremely demanding but is also very rewarding and it is important that you know what the job entails. We suggest you do your homework:  


  • Review and understand all of the information provided on our website.
  • Research what the job entails (Are you afraid of heights? A considerable amount of time is spent working at heights!)
  • Research what 309A Construction & Maintenance Electricians, Low Rise Residential Electricians and Network Cabling Specialists do when they are on a jobsite.
  • Investigate the Essential Skills required to be a 309A Construction & Maintenance Electrician. Check out these links:
  • Prepare to write a Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT). Check out these links*:


Please note: The Intake process can take up to 12-16 weeks, from completing the application to selection of successful candidates. It depends on the number of applicants and industry demand. After each stage of the process the applicant will be contacted via email (please ensure you check your spam/junk folders) with additional instructions for the next stage. If you are not successful at a particular stage, we encourage you to re-apply after a period of time (3-6 months) and we will share with you potential areas of improvement.


For more information on the Intake, please read the following pages: 


Please view the video below for instructions and requirements needed prior to registering for our Intake Process
(309A Construction & Maintenance Electricians and Low Rise Residential Electricians)



Click here to register

If you have any issues viewing the video or registering, please contact our office at 905-882-6484