Hear what our apprentices have to say!


  • "My Advisor is incredible! The Alliance has supportive and knowledgeable staff to help navigate the apprenticeship pathway."- Paul S.

  • "The Alliance has given me the tools I need to succeed. My Advisor has gone above and beyond and is always available for support in any way, shape, or form. The educational aspect has also been a great experience." - Jordan Y.

  •  "Going through the hiring process with the Alliance was a challenging and rewarding experience that demanded the very best from me. Their thorough and finely tuned Safety & Orientation program was led by incredibly knowledgeable and experienced staff, and left me feeling confident that I would see success throughout my apprenticeship. Now that I am on-site earning my hours, I can safely admit that there is no better way to begin a career as a Construction Electrician." - Don W.

  • "The Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance has been a great help over the years through many different employers, to stay on top of my game with schooling, and offer the latest courses available. Having a friendly Advisor to contact whenever I have any questions has been awesome. Overall, the Alliance has been very useful to me as an apprentice." - Brendan A.


  • "Right from the start, the Alliance has been there offering a guiding hand. Not only has the Alliance been supportive, they’ve provided me with many of the safety certifications I’ve needed for the past 6 years. From the office to everyone behind the scenes, the management has done a great job providing all of us students with an awesome team. I would recommend any apprentice go through the Alliance." - Walker E. 
  • "I want to thank my Advisor for the apprenticeship experience I have received. For almost 6 years you have been able to help me get through and organize all the proper training I was suppose to receive. Keep up the good work." - Paul K.

  • "The Alliance has been nothing but great to me. Being a first year apprentice, I’m very new with the trade and how everything works, but the Alliance has helped me and guided me through the steps of becoming a licensed electrician and still is to this day. I’m very appreciative that I got this opportunity to be a part of the Alliance. I would personally recommend to anyone trying to get into the trade to go through the Alliance as their main goal is to help you and guide you to a successful career as an Electrician." - Gus P.

  • "Doing my apprenticeship through the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance has been a challenging and rewarding experience. The safety- and job-related training courses that they offer have all been very informative and helpful in growing my knowledge of the trade and hands-on skills." - Alex P.

  • “The Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance (formerly JAC) was a great guiding experience through my apprenticeship” - Lia V.