Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GED acceptable?

Yes—as long as you have successfully completed the three required courses (Math, English, Physics). A “GED” (General Education Development) Certificate is not a Secondary School Diploma, it is an equivalency.

I am currently in my last year of High School, I have not graduated yet. Would I still be eligible to apply?

No. In the past, we have had applicants who were Secondary School students, but because Intake will be open year-round and we will have multiple cohorts, Secondary Students should apply once they have received their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and official transcript.

How many people usually apply during Intake?

In the past, we have had up to 1000 applicants but moving forward, our intake will remain open throughout the year and the number of applicants accepted will be based on labour demand.

Why is it mandatory to have Math, English and Physics?

This policy has been put in place by the contractors and the IBEW Local Union 353 and it is from their experience that having these courses is of utmost importance to be successful in Trade School. The courses must be from a Secondary School, we do not accept the courses from a college or university.

I don’t have the High School Physics but did Physics at University. Can it be substituted?

No, there are no substitutes. Since we receive 1,000 applications per Intake, we need to be fair, equitable and consistent in our screening of all applications. Our minimum requirements are one of the High School Math, English and Physics courses listed. We know the course content of these courses and successful completion of the 110 hours of study for each one will give you the background necessary to be successful at Trade School. Courses at University or College vary greatly in their content and may not provide you with the knowledge base required.

I have a University Degree; do I still need the High School credits?

Yes. The High School Math, English, and Physics courses are mandatory and are pre-requisites of our program.

Can I still apply to the Alliance with just two out of the three mandatory courses?

At this point in time, the answer is yes, but due to the highly competitive nature of the application process, it is in your best interest to already have successfully completed all three of the required High School courses. If you were to be accepted into the Program with only two of the three mandatory courses, you would need to show proof of successful completion of the missing course before being invited to attend the Safety and Orientation course. Failure to complete the missing course will result in you being terminated from the program.

What if I was educated outside of Ontario in another Province or Country and do not have my transcript?

In order for you to be eligible to apply and complete an application, you MUST obtain your official transcript from the province or country where you were educated. Your marks must then be translated and assessed for equivalency to our required Ontario Secondary School courses. There are no exceptions.

Please contact the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS): 1-800-321-6021

Ask for a Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report and state that it is for the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance (The Alliance) application process. For this type of assessment, processing times are typically 8 weeks but please refer to the ICAS website for up-to-date information on processing times. We recommend submitting your transcripts to ICAS as soon as possible.

How can I prepare for the Essential Skills Assessment (ESA) and Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT)?

Click here for information on the ESA. The best way to prepare for this assessment is to purchase the book titled “Preparing for the Electrical Trades” from SkillPlan.

Follow this link to order: https://www.skillplan.ca/tools-and-publications

For a 20% discount on the prep guide, mention the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance or The Alliance when you order!

For the MAT, please see the links on our How to Apply page for examples of test questions. We also recommend doing additional research for other MAT-style questions.

I applied at the last Intake and was not accepted, is my file still on record for the next Intake?

No. Each Intake is a separate process. If you applied in a previous Intake and were not successful, you will have to re-apply with all the necessary documentation again. We keep applications on file for 3 years and will retrieve your previous application and attach it to the current application when you re-apply.

Is there a waiting list so that the Alliance can notify me when an intake is scheduled?

Starting 2020 the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance will be moving forward with an open Intake Process. This means that you will be able to apply for the program at any time. Keep in mind that the intake process is based on labour demand, therefore successful applicants will be placed into a pool and contacted based on industry needs for new workers.

If you would like to be kept in the loop for up-to-date Intake information, please subscribe to our mailing list by clicking here.

How long will it take before I’m actually on the job?

Once you are selected for the Program you are placed in a pool. Do not quit your current job. As jobs become available people in the pool are contacted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to attend the Safety and Orientation Course. Selection from the pool is totally random. Once the two (2) week Safety and Orientation course is successfully completed you will then be dispatched by the IBEW to a Greater Toronto ECA member company. It could take a calendar year before all successful candidates could be placed.

Are you the Union?

No. We are affiliated with the IBEW Local Union 353 and are sponsored by the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association, but we are a separate entity.

Can I be an apprentice part time?

No. Being a 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrical Apprentice is a full time career.

I finished one/two years of Trade School as an Electrician, does that put me at the front of the line for the Alliance applications?

No. The Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance does not require trade experience when individuals are applying.

I am in another Red Seal Trade; can I have my credit hours transferred over?

No. Your credit hours are not transferable from one apprenticeship to another as the required skill sets and knowledge are different

I was thinking of taking a Pre-Trade Program at a Community College. Will that move me to the front of the line?

Any further education or experience you have in the trade is helpful. It does not guarantee entry into the Program.

I completed an Ontario College Certificate in Electrical Techniques and it is stated that upon completion, students are eligible to be exempted from the in-school portion of the Electrical Apprenticeship program. Does this mean that I do not have to attend Trade School?

First off, we want you to recognize that the wording from the colleges indicates that you are “eligible to be exempted”, this does not mean that you are or will be. Completing the Electrical Techniques program demonstrates your interest in pursuing a career in the electrical trades, but is not a substitute for trade school. The contractors are responsible for signing and fulfilling the commitments of the Registered Training Agreement (RTA) with the Ministry and 9 out of 10 contractors want you to have the hands on experience prior to attending trade school (and there are 3 levels) and ultimately reserve the right to ask you to attend.

Can I apply in-person to the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance?

No. As of March 2020, the application process will be done online and applications are only accepted during the Intake process.

My family member or friend is an apprentice with the Alliance, would they be able to refer me in?

No. We do not accept referrals. Everyone applies during the Intake process.

Where can I obtain missing credits?

Please contact your local school board or Adult Education Centre:
Toronto District School Board:
(416) 397-3000

Continuing Education: (416) 338-4000
York Region District School Board
: (905) 727-3141

Continuing Education: 1-877-280-8180
Peel District School Board
: (905) 890-1099

Continuing Education: 1-866-275-1536 ext. 410
Durham District School Board:
(905) 666-5500

Continuing Education: (905) 436-3211
ACE Distance Learning: 

Courses available in-class and online!
TVO/ILC Independent Learning Centre 

Toronto: 416-484-2704
Toll Free North America: (+1) 800-387-5512
Email: ilc@tvo.org