Frequently Asked Questions

How many people apply to this program per year?

This is a very competitive apprenticeship program. The Alliance receives approximately 1000 applicants per year.  The intake amount is based on the current labour market demand. 

Are you the Union?

No. The Alliance is a non-for-profit organization funded by Electrical Contractors who are part of the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association.  

Can I be a part-time apprentice?

No, This apprenticeship is a full-time commitment.

Will taking a College Pre-Trade program benefit me?

Further education is always helpful but does not guarantee you entry into this apprenticeship program.  

How long will it take before I am actually on the job?

The timeline can vary based on current industry demand, depending on this it could take between 3-12 months.  Candidates should not resign from their current employment until they are notified by the Alliance in advance of their 2-week Safety & Orientation training course.  Upon completion of the training, Applicants are then dispatched to their respective Electrical Contractor.  

Can I apply if I am in my last year of high school?

No. Applicants can only apply once they have received their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and have their official transcripts.  Please note, candidates must have the applicable Math, English, and Physics credits to apply for this program.

I have my GED, can I apply to this program?

Yes, as long as you have successfully completed the 3 required courses (Math, English, Physics) at the appropriate grade level as per the application requirements.

What should I do if I was educated outside of Ontario?

For those Applicants who have not completed their high school education in Ontario, the Alliance will accept an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from one of the following designated organizations listed on the Government Canada website.

Why is it mandatory to have Math, English and Physics to apply?

These subjects have been identified as key foundational qualifications to help apprentices successfully complete their apprenticeship, Trade school qualifications, and the C of Q exam.  

I have a University Degree/College Diploma, do I still need the mandated High School Credits?

The answer depends on the type of degree or diploma received. It is recommended that you call the Alliance to discuss your specific situation.

I don’t have the high school Physics course listed, but I did complete a Physics course at University. Can it be substituted?

Yes, however you must have it evaluated for equivalency through a designated organization or through your university.

I completed an Ontario College Certificate in Electrical Techniques and it is stated that upon completion, students are eligible to be exempted from the in-school portion of the Electrical Apprenticeship program. Does this mean that I do not have to attend Trade School?

The Alliance does not evaluate exemptions related to Trade School.  This is managed through the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training & Skills Development.  

Where can I obtain missing pre-requisite educational credits?

Please contact your local school board or Adult Education Centre:
Toronto District School Board:
(416) 397-3000

Continuing Education: (416) 338-4000
York Region District School Board
: (905) 727-3141

Continuing Education: 1-877-280-8180
Peel District School Board
: (905) 890-1099

Continuing Education: 1-866-275-1536 ext. 410
Durham District School Board:
(905) 666-5500

Continuing Education: (905) 436-3211
ACE Distance Learning: 

Courses available in-class and online!
TVO/ILC Independent Learning Centre 

Toronto: 416-484-2704
Toll Free North America: (+1) 800-387-5512
Email: ilc@tvo.org

I have completed 1 or 2 years of schooling to become an Electrician at another college or educational provider, Does this put me at the front the line?

No. Having this education will help you on the job but does not put you at the front of the application line. 

I am in another Red Seal Trade; can I have my hours transferred over to this program?

No, your hours are non-transferable from one apprenticeship to another as the skill sets and knowledge are different.

Can I apply in person to the Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance?

No, all applications must go through the process outline on our website 

I have a family member or friend who is an Apprentice through this program, does the Alliance have a referral program?

No, all applications must go through the process outlined on our website.

Can someone (relative, friend) apply to this program on my behalf ?

No. All applicants are responsible for applying to this program themselves. All correspondence and inquiries must be made by the applicant directly.