The Alliance has established the following recruitment (intake) timeline to help applicants understand the process, from Registration through to Program Selection.  Each year the Alliance receives hundreds of applications for this in-demand Apprenticeship and as such, Applicants need to ensure they have all the required steps complete to have their application reviewed at each stage of the process.




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All successful Applicants (step 8) should remain in their current job until called to attend step 9.

Upon the successful completion of the 2-week Safety & Orientation program Applicants will then be dispatched to a Greater Toronto ECA Contractor, through the IBEW Local 353 Dispatch process.  This dispatch is the start of an 1800-hour probationary Pre-Apprenticeship.  You will be appointed an Alliance Advisor to guide you through the entire apprenticeship and your skills and ability to perform the essential duties of your role will be evaluated by a Contractor representative.