The Alliance Team

Director of Apprenticeship

Mark Wood

Joined 2021

Assistant Director of Apprenticeship

Stephanie Farrell

Joined 2019

Apprentice Advisors

Cindy Mitchell

Joined 1996

Dan Snow

Joined 2007

Dana Henriques

Joined 2002

John Leonardo

Low-Rise Residential (LRR) Advisor 

Joined 2014

Marta Vegara

Joined 2006 

Michelle Kong

Joined 2017 

Rudy Ferth

Network Cabling Specialist (NCS) Advisor

Joined 2018

Office Administration

Felicia Harris

Supplementary Training Class (STC) Coordinator 

Joined 2021

Janet Hastey

Senior Office Administrator

Joined 2007 

Luzia De Paula

Senior Office Administrator

Joined 2005

Noula Nikolakakos

Receptionist/Office Administrator

Joined 2017 

Sammi Henderson

Junior Office Administrator 

Joined 2021